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Durability with Style: The Table Covers by Liv India

The table covers made in an A-list quality of PVC are stylish and very durable. These have more advantageous uses than any other coverings available in the bazaar. The silk, linen, cotton ones may have the looks but when it comes down to a fancy feast of curries and wine, even they raise their hands.

Most of the other fancy ones lose their appeal after a couple of washes, but these transparent table covers don’t require such connotation. They can make do with a quick cleaning by a damp cloth or when stained with tough gravy, a scrubbing under the running water will be enough. And Liv India being the table covers manufacturer, offers the best for the fellow Indians.

Although they are transparent they come with many subtle designs. Some with borders to look the part and some in the self-design for an elegant look. All of them come in various sizes, so that they can be bought in numerous numbers. One can lay the matching ones of the dining table, side-ones, and center tables and so on.

The advantage of these table rugs is that can be bought in a bulk in different designs and hoarded for those rough-housing days. A loyal client of Liv India has gone on record and mentioned that he uses the smallest size of this exclusive table cover on his bed while having a lazy lunch and his bed sheets are saved from all the drippings. And then just folds it up and re-uses them. Hence they can proudly be coined as multi-used.

Many of us, may have gotten the silk table linen sets as gifts over the festive season, some of us may have bought the cotton printed ones for a colorful décor, and now to save them, go ahead and buy the transparent table covers.

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